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AFBJJWA Open GI 2017

Last weekend was a big weekend for some of our members. Grading Saturday, competition Sunday, as the old saying goes... There ain't no rest for the wicked!

Even with record breaking registrations, Team Zenith only had a handful of teammates representing their team and still put on an amazing performance.

Some of our younger members had their chance to shine when being bumped up a division and pitted against bigger and stronger opponents. Although not getting the result they wanted, they were able to give some kids 2-3 years their senior a run for their money and land 2nd place.

Tyler Hilton received his promotion to Orange-black on Saturday, but didn't have time to relax as he was eager to get on the mats in prep for Sunday's comp. Tyler is an extremely hard working, impressive practitioner and managed to put that on display this weekend with 2 extremely smooth finishes to crown him the winner of his division.

The Arena MMA had a small but strong team representing our juniors last weekend, with Ryan Sweetman and Israel Tupou both landing second in their respective divisions.

It's great to see so much passion for BJJ from the younger members in our gym, after all they are the future!

A big well done to everyone that competed over the weekend. Your gym is extremely proud of you! Keep it up, we'll see you on the mats.

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