MMA is an individual sport, but fighters do not emerge from the womb as elite athletes ready to execute high-level techniques. The Arenas coaches will hone your skills through many different aids, such as strength and conditioning, pad work, drilling, wrestling & contact sparing. The quality of training & coaches matter. The environment at the Arena is not of your standard stand-offish type gyms, we allow no egos just hard work & professionalism.

Not one approach suits every fighter, & there is no single right way to train competitors, this is why at the Arena MMA we look at the elite fighters in the sport and continue to evolve and help build future champions. 

The Arena MMA training brings all our training styles together to cover all aspects of MMA including Kickboxing, Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling and Fitness. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world as well as an amazing workout and means of self-defence. Not every martial arts school teach real MMA, so come join in on the fun & experience the most exciting sport on earth. Classes range from the beginner thru to advanced with sparring optional.

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