Mixed Martial Arts, commonly referred to as MMA, is a hybrid combat sport of many different styles of martial arts and combat sports. MMA includes techniques from, but not limited to, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling and Judo. MMA is well known for its worldwide championship, UFC. MMA is great for increasing fitness and self-defence

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In our MMA program, we focus on a variety of techniques, skills and fitness exercises. MMA includes a variety of combat sports and martial arts, we teach a combination of Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Boxing, BJJ, Wrestling and Judo to give our students a greater understanding of MMA as a whole so they can improve their overall technical ability. This is taught through partner drills, pad work, contact sparring and, strength and conditioning. 

Age: 14+

Level: Beginner-Advanced

What gear will you need if you decide to join:

-          Mouthguard

-          First Aid kit

-          Gear Bag

-          Water Bottle

-          Shoes

-          Rashguard

-          Fight Shorts (no zips, pockets or buttons)

-          Hand Wraps

-          Boxing Gloves (16oz)

-          Shin Pads

-          MMA Gloves

-          Head Gear 

NOTE: Trial Students will not need any of the above. Once you have signed up for your trial an email will be sent out with what you need.

Grading: We do not offer gradings in MMA

Competitions: Competitions are accessible for students over the age of 18years. Come speak to us for more info!