Boxing is a combat sport involving two people in a ring using attacks and defences with their fists. Boxing is a great sport that helps improve hand-eye coordination and all-round physical fitness. Boxing is also a great sport for self-defence due to the variety of defensive techniques and distance control used. 


We focus on boxing skills and techniques, on stance, guard, movement, punching combinations and defensive combinations which are able to be put into practice in some light sparring. This class includes cardio, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, pad work, core strengthening exercises and light sparring. We ensure the program is fun but also hard work! We push the kids to ensure they are improving their skills and all-round fitness.

Age: 8-13 Years

Level: Beginner-Advanced 

What gear will you need if you decide to join:

-          Mouthguard

-          First Aid kit

-          Gear Bag

-          Water Bottle

-          Shoes

-          Rashguard

-          Fight Shorts (no zips, pockets or buttons)

-          MMA Ezy Wraps

-          Boxing Gloves

-          Head Gear

NOTE: Trial Students will not need any of the above. Once you have signed up for your trial an email will be sent out with what you will need. 

Grading: We do not offer gradings in Boxing.

Competitions: Competitions are available for kids over the age of 10 years old through the Boxing WA Organisation.