Muay Thai (also referred to as Thai Boxing)is a martial art and combat sport that involves a variety of striking and clinching. Muay Thai is Thailands national sport and is known as the "art of 8 limbs" due to the combination of fists, elbows, knees and shins is used. Self-defence techniques, increased agility, self-discipline and strength are all benefits to doing Muay Thai. 


Generally, what to expect from a kid's Muay Thai class would be a moderate warm-up that follows into exercises such as partner drills, pad work and light sparring. We teach a variety of striking and defensive techniques and combinations. We focus on making sure the kids have great technique, skills and knowledge of Muay Thai. 

Age: 8-13 Years


Level: Beginner-Advanced 

What gear will you need if you decide to join:

-          Mouthguard

-          First Aid kit

-          Gear Bag

-          Water Bottle

-          Shoes

-          Rashguard

-          Fight Shorts (no zips, pockets or buttons)

-          MMA Ezy Wraps

-          Boxing Gloves

-          Shin Guards

-          Head Gear

NOTE: Trial Students will not need any of the above. Once you have signed up for your trial an email will be sent out with what you will need. 

Grading: We do not offer Muay Thai Gradings.

Competitions: Competitions are available for kids over the age of 12years in accordance with the WA age restrictions.