Judo is a combat sport as well as an Olympic sport, Judo was introduced to the Olympics in 1964. Judo primarily focuses on throwing and groundwork but also includes rolls, falls, chokes and joint-locks. Some advantages to doing Judo are that you will be getting a full-body workout, self-defence skills and increasing your self-confidence



In our Judo program, we will focus on the main Judo techniques, principles and concepts. You can expect a disciplined but fun environment when you will learn the fundamentals for Judo and even a great option to transfer what you learn to BJJ!

Age: 14+

Level: Beginner-Advanced

What gear will you need if you decide to join:

-          Mouthguard

-          First Aid kit

-          Gear Bag

-          Water Bottle

-          Shoes

-          Rashguard

-          Gi

-          Belt 

NOTE: Trial Students will not need any of the above. Once you have signed up for your trial an email will be sent out with what you need.

Grading: We offer a set Judo Grading Syllabus.

Competitions: Competitions are available, come speak to us for more info!